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Create your own planet essay

create your own planet essay

planet (e.g. This page is a free-shared lesson plan archive for teaching all educational subjects within the context and theme of Planet Earth. Plant and grow organic tomatoes or another fruit or vegetable from seeds, preferably in an outdoor garden.

create your own planet essay

Both the essay and the poster are worth 20 points.
This assignment is due.
My planet holds other universes, worlds, cities, places, and people all of which I have created.
I never have to stop creating.

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Paper is made from precious trees. Then in the same document, write half a page about the history behind these differences. Suggestions, consulting, membership, other options, a note about ALL ONE community lesson plans. Related pages (mouse-over for descriptions and click for complete pages). Choose at least one culture on each continent, and write a report* about the major cultural myths associated with that culture. Write a well-researched presentation* about where natural gas comes from and the practices used to obtain natural gas, including hydraulic fracking.