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Long essay on soil erosion

long essay on soil erosion

water erosion. Yet erosion from gullies can be a substantial proportion (1080) of total erosion on cultivated and grazed land. 1761 Words Oct 16th, 2010 8 Pages. 42 p Further reading edit Boardman, John; Poesen, Jean (2006). According to Morgan (1995 when the soil is unsaturated, the soil matric potential is negative and water is held in the capillaries due to matrics suction. It is important to note however that flat undulating lands have a great potential for crop production and agricultural development. In some cases, the slump is caused by water beneath the slope weakening. A b c Blanco, Humberto Lal, Rattan (2010). Soil Erodibility, soil erodibility is an estimate of the ability of soils to resist erosion, based on the physical characteristics of each soil. Because of the potential seriousness of some of the off-site impacts, the control of "non-point" pollution from agricultural land is an important consideration.

Unsustainable agricultural practices are the single greatest contributor to the global increase in erosion rates. The ability of these soils to keep plant nutrients is largely dependent on the humus content found in plant biomass and the organic matter (Rose,1993). If the soil is saturated, or if the rainfall rate is greater than the rate at which water can infiltrate into the soil, surface runoff occurs. It is important to note however that heavy and intense rains cause severe erosion in the tropics (Morgan, 1974; Wilkinson 1975; Amezquita and Forsythe, 1975; Lal 1976; Aina, 80s music decade thesis Lal and Taylor, 1977; Bois, 1978; Sheng 1982). Loss of production in eroded soil further degrades its productivity which in turn accelerates soil erosion. If resistant bedrock is near the surface only rills will develop. These airborne soil particles are often contaminated with toxic chemicals such as pesticides or petroleum fuels, posing ecological and public health hazards when they later land, or are inhaled/ingested. 2.2 Soil Erosion Process. Costard,.; Dupeyrat,.; Gautier,.; Carey-Gailhardis,. As an example, compacted subsurface soil layers can decrease infiltration and increase runoff.