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Euripides bacchae essay

euripides bacchae essay

shocks even his kin. Dionysus's cousin Pentheus was not convinced that he was god and argued with him in spite of everyone around telling him to stop fighting with Dionysus. Pentheus' rationality is to follow human law. Let's Get Started, cite This Page.

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euripides bacchae essay

Pentheus slanders his own aunt, Semele saying "she lied when she named Zeus as her lover" (1.245-246). Cadmuss pleas fall on deaf ears as he is unable to sway Dionysus, and so, the only rational person left in the play, is punished most severely for the wrongs of those around him. First Pentheus captures Dionysus but doesn't know that Dionysus gave himself up willingly. Summary: Discusses possible reasons for Pentheus's death in "Bacchae" by Euripides. Euripides play The Bacchae shows the underlying shift in ideology of the Greek people from Hellenic (or classical to Hellenistic; the god character Dionysus will be the example that points to the shifting Greek ideology. Only a god could make that happen" (3.761-764). Athens was a society founded upon rational thinking, individuals acting for the good of the populace, and the ideal society. In The Bacchae, Euripides illustrates the extremities of emotion and rationality through his characters. Cadmus accuses Dionysus, your actions against us are too severe (ln. Likewise, Dionysus directly juxtaposes Pentheus, for he is the epitome of emotion and had no regard for human law.