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Short essay on visit to hospital

short essay on visit to hospital

the elevators. But sometimes circumstances force us to. But I was pained to see how they were mostly sitting in the corners and chatting, negligent of their work and duty. I rushed towards the general ward and came to my friends bed. There again, with some language problem, after few quick trips from one room to another, one assistant told me that you do not have to pay. But sometimes, our friends or relatives fall sick and are admitted for treatment.

He had to remain in the hospital for one more week. When I reached the hospital I found it a huge building consisting of several wings with a clock in the middle. Sometimes situations in life make it essential for us to move into a hospital.

It leaves a depressing effect on one who visits.
A, visit to, hospital gives a feeling of shock.
The word Hospital creates an atmosphere of pain and sorrow with terrible feeling in the mind.

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The private doctors could not treat him properly. The cause for visiting a hospital could mean illness or visiting a sick or injured person, who is a near and dear one. They had to stand on their toes to look after the patients. He was complaining various problems; so it was decided that we will first do the necessary tests and then regular checkups. We went there facing wee hour traffic in town and waiting long in queue for the doctor. The sick and the injured are given medical or surgical treatment in a hospital. Next day, 2-3 times I called them up and inquired about the doctor but no confirmation. Then it becomes necessary for us to visit them.

All throughout the way I talked about the things I saw at the hospital. I confirmed again and they said the same thing (again in Tamil). Finally doctor saw my father-in-law, told him the same thing what yesterday the physician had told. It was scary to see a person in this stage.

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