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Essay on aunt kipp

essay on aunt kipp

it, and people I do like won't take. Hi, Bob!" and with a savage slash of the whip, an exciting cry, a terrible reeling and rattling, they did do it; for Bob cleared the track at a breakneck pace, just in time for the train to sweep swiftly by behind them. "Yes'm returned Toady, with a crack which would have done honor to a French postilion. "Because, if you'll excuse my speaking plainly, I think you owe anything you may have to spare to your niece, Mrs. Polly couldnt restrain a tear or two, in thinking of her own poor little prospects, and Toady was goaded to desperation. "I won't." "Can we do anything for you?" said both.

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"Why don't you, then?" was on his lips; but a frown from Polly restrained him, and he sat himself down on the rug to contemplate the corpulent victim. Snow echoed the words, and for a moment all thought pitifully of the woman whose life had given so little happiness, whose age had won so little reverence, and whose death would cause so little regret. I won't have any ridiculous baa-baas in my family. Toady's face was a study, as he glanced up at the old lady's florid countenance, down at the floor, as if in search of the above-mentioned "brink and looked unaffectedly anxious to see her drop. "I didn't want word count essay starters Polly for the money; I always doubted if she got it; and I never wished her to make herself a slave to anybody. Now what do you think?" asked Aunt Kipp, who found it impossible to pardon Polly,-perhaps because she was young, and pretty, and much beloved.