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Adderall addiction essay

adderall addiction essay

Pressure 1974 words - 8 pages idealistic expectations. That is a great amount of pressure on a student. These drugs are extremely addictive, one try and you could be hooked on for life. However, consequences that may include lack of creativity and health effects are added. The Richwood Pharmaceutical Company makes Adderall. Maximum benefit of the drug is achieved three to four weeks.

Adolescents are more prone to addiction due to the fact that their brains are not yet fully developed. A physics quiz on Tuesday, he says, eyes still fixed on the dozen or so blue pills on the table. An In-Depth Analysis on the Prescription of Stimulant Medication as a Treatment for adhd 1681 words - 7 pages Stimulant medication could be the miracle drug, or the most harmful thing to hit the younger generations. Some of these same students will go on to use the drug outside of academia, eventually spiraling into addiction. Therefore, I wanted to learn more about this issue that has a reaching impact across all ages and socio-economical classes. The signals a drug sends to the brain get confused with that of a euphoric chemical called dopamine, which makes you feel good.