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Characteristics of good managers essay

characteristics of good managers essay

radicalism american revolution wood thesis skills, such as, professional learned qualities, as well as personal and social qualities related to their background and environments in which they were raised. Successful managers have common characteristics that you can seek out and develop in your own management staff. There are many traits and characteristics that are entailed in this quality, and include: drive and orientation, authenticity, and effective communication. They take the time to listen to what employees and customers have to say and are able to communicate that they understood what was said and act accordingly. They know what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. Assess your managers knowledge, skills, experience, and personality to optimize your selection process and ensure the effectiveness of the team. Effective management can enhance a companys performance by contributing to employees and customer satisfaction, productivity, show more content, the giving and receiving of feedback is a key communication skill that must be learnt if you want to have any hope of developing long-term business relationships. However, like any quality, theres both the good and the bad. To which she replies, there be no blush about my name, sir.

Free Essay: Management is not just about making decisions, watching over employees, and bossing others around. Good management result is satisfied. Organizational Management: Traits of a Good Manager Essay.

Being results-oriented also makes the good manager more ambitious; always striving to surpass standards, break records, and be the best. In addition, they may come off as authoritarian, and are more inclined to making impulsive decisions without consulting others. Managers with good human skills are able to get the best out of their people (Robbins, 2009). In conclusion, a good manager should incorporate with these qualities to perform well in their job. 129 Managers who understand the role of emotions and moods will. Paragraph I The ability to be a good manager depends on great organizational skills. Finding a Good Manager, in order to find a good manager, you must be able to assess individuals and evaluate their traits, characteristics, qualities, and even key skills. The difference between good and bad managers can spell success or failure for an organization. Getting to know people is an extremely difficult task.

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