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thesis skin manager

and how you can begin effectively using. You want to change the default attribution with your own custom text. Add Your Own Copyright with Thesis.3 Attribution. The process of assigning these templates is a complex one, as shown in this visual representation of the Hierarchy. The Data Manager lets you backup your skin data. This may seem obvious, but the consequence is sometimes overlooked: When you make a change to a particular Box that is used in multiple templates, those changes will be applied to all templates which use that specific Box. Archives, category posts in a particular category, tag posts assigned a particular tag. This is why (for example) the Home template and the Single template each use separate Post Boxes, so that each can be configured independently of the other.

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How to use the Thesis skin editor interface. Since most skins have all of their specific options in Skin Content, Skin Display or Skin Design. This can greatly speed the development of a Skin, but it is important to understand that when you copy template A to template B, you are copying template As existing boxes to template B (rather than creating new boxes which belong specifically to template B). Add a Header Image to Thesis.3. In Skin Design youll find the Thesis Color Scale which allows you to go through a range of colors if you are experimenting. Switching has no effect on the content, only on the display of the content 4 things to keep track of structure content placeholders styles content, cSS styles structure content example of my homepage, where does the content come from?