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Archaeologist work essay

archaeologist work essay

much money do archaeologists make? Since entry into the field is very competitive, your graduate schools reputation and its involvement in current archaeological exploration are important. Archaeologists add the role of manager to their many duties. Remuneration is slight, and graduate students rely on grants and other financial aid. Paleontologists are not archaeologists; they study fossils. Historians are not archaeologists; the mostly study written records.

What is the job of an archaeologist?

archaeologist work essay

Archaeologists are the scientists. You would dig up buildings and objects from the past and share what you learn from them so people can learn more about the past. You d carefully uncover old. What does an Archaeologist do?

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Work weeksa pretty typical 9 to 5 job. Do archaeologists travel a lot? This is true for some jobs in federal essay of computerization and state government, museums, parks and historic sitesjobs that involve managing collections or public programs or education. Sample job descriptions for the subspecialty of Public Archaeology can be found here. Although it has come to light that many of Schliemanns discoveries had been made by others and that his excavations often destroyed as much as they unearthed, his work reminded historians that the mythology of the distant past had more than a grain of truth. Some archaeologists work as consultants or form their own companies. Present and Future, since the eighteenth century, with the chance rediscovery of Pompeis well-preserved ruins, the systematic study of lost communities has gripped our imaginations. It may take months to examine thousands of tiny, nearly identical chipped stone axes. Many archaeologists, however, are in jobs that do not require much travel.

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