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Water essays in tamil

water essays in tamil

Reconstruction". There are well-defined rules for elision in Tamil categorised into classes based on the phoneme which undergoes elision. In many dialects of colloquial Tamil, this consonant is seen as disappearing and shifting to the alveolar lateral approximant /l/. 16 17 It is stated as 20th in the Ethnologue list of most-spoken languages worldwide. Elsewhere they are voiced, with a few becoming fricatives intervocalically, which means that voicing is not a phonological trait for plosives.

water essays in tamil

It is also classified as being part of a Tamil language family that, alongside Tamil proper, includes the languages of about 35 ethno-linguistic groups such as the Irula and Yerukula languages (see SIL Ethnologue).
The closest major relative of Tamil is Malayalam.
The early history of the people and rulers of Tamil Nadu is a topic in Tamil literary sources known as Sangam mismatic, archaeological and literary sources corroborate that the Sangam period lasted for about six centuries, from 300 BC to AD 300.

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