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William cullen bryant biography essay

william cullen bryant biography essay

up his career by comparing him disadvantageously to the great poets of the ageWordsworth, Coleridge, Keats, and Tennysonyet he took care to comment that though the American could not match their idiosyncratic strengths, he was the one among all our contemporaries who. Bryants literary prospects also brightened. For two years after he had completed The Ages and seen Poems praised, no alternative to reluctant fealty to his practice appeared possible. In Plainfield, he wrote to a friend, I found the people rather bigoted in their notions, and almost wholly governed by the influence of a few individuals who looked upon my coming among them, with a great deal of jealousy. His last publisher, Appleton, aware that Bryants name now guaranteed a handsome sale, asked him to write the text for Picturesque America, a two-volume folio of engravings that cost over 100,000 to printa gargantuan sum in those days. The next spring, Bryant accepted an invitation from Charles Leupp, an art patron and Bryants long-time associate in the Sketch Club, to be his travel companion. And so, five days after his fourteenth birthday, Cullen traveled fifty miles to board with his uncle, a clergyman who was to tutor him in Latin.

On reaching the door of a friends home, he fell and suffered a concussion. Frank Gado, from William Cullen Bryant: An American Voice. Upon his return to New York, however, he again had to deal with a problem at the Evening Post. Bryant edited the very successful Picturesque America which was published between 18This two-volume set was lavishly illustrated and described scenic places in the United States and Canada. Bryant himself, despite his lessening regard for it in later years, continued to acknowledge its position in his publics affection by always placing it first in the six collections of his poems issued in his lifetime. Edward Channing, the chief editor, recognizing his potential importance to the journal, had solicited a commitment to spend a little time from your profession and give it. The Boston coterie that had contrived for Bryants appearance seized the moment. Even so, these were private delights, not steps in a literary career directed toward public acclaim.

General biography by Bryant's close friend and colleague. William Cullen Bryant was born November 3, 1794, in Cummington, Massachusetts. Peter Bryant, was a physician who left Cummington to escape his debts soon after Bryant was born.