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Essays high cholesterol

essays high cholesterol

cell of the body and has important natural functions when it comes to digesting foods, producing hormones, and generating vitamin. Why is Important to manage your cholesterol? Always make sure you see your doctor at least once a month, if not twice a year. Brown that he should not worry.

It is waxy and fat-like in appearance. Simply knowing ones total cholesterol level is not enough. There is no evidence from randomized, controlled clinical trials to support treatment to a specific target; however, some physicians may still use targets to help guide therapy. My cousin is the only other break in this age barrier. Accessed ; Available from: p?vref1. Abnormal cholesterol levels can also arise due to other conditions, including: diabetes liver or kidney disease polycystic ovary syndrome pregnancy and other conditions that increase levels of female hormones underactive thyroid gland drugs that increase LDL cholesterol and decrease HDL cholesterol (progestins, anabolic steroids, and. A desirable LDL is 100 (130-159 is borderline high; 160 is high; 190 is very high) (The American Heart 27). Statin treatment is normally prescribed for people with a higher risk of heart attack. Being overweight or obese can also lead to higher blood LDL levels.

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