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Audrey cottet thesis

audrey cottet thesis

by tuning to perfect impedance matching,. B 79, 125422 (2009). Cette étude permet de déterminer la stratégie la plus prometteuse qui est finalement implémentée dans ce travail de thèse sous le nom de quantronium'. Abstract : It has been recently realized that quantum machines could perform difficult mathematical tasks such as factoring large numbers exponentially faster than classical computers. See also: Supplemental Material 31 Inducing triplet superconducting correlations in a normal metal.

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audrey cottet thesis

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30 Gate-dependent spin-torque in essay scholarships 2011 canada a nanoconductor-based spin-valve. Coherent manipulation of Andreev bound states in atomic contacts 2016, kristinn Juliusson, quantum Zeno dynamics in 3D circuit-QED 2016, vivien Schmitt, design, fabrication, and test of a four superconducting quantum-bit processor 2015. B 72, 180503(R) (2005). See also: Supplemental Material 2015 41 General Boundary Conditions for Quasiclassical Theory of Superconductivity in the Diffusive Limit: Application to Strongly Spin-polarized Systems. Cottet, . L'objet ce cette thèse est de réaliser un bit quantique à partir d'un circuit supraconducteur à base de jonctions Josephson nommé bote à paires de Cooper'. B 86, 075107 (2012). 2004 14 "Dynamical Spin-Blockade and positive cross-correlations in a quantum dot connected to three ferromagnetic leads". B 91, 205417 (2015 Editors suggestion 2014 38 Probing coherent Cooper pair splitting with cavity photons. 17 Controlling spin in an electronic interferometer with spin-active interfaces.

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